San Jose Adult Education Classes with School Information

San Jose, CA, is in close proximity to a large number of colleges and universities offering various types of adult education. Read on to learn more about the options available.

Schools and Programs

San Jose adult courses are offered through school districts. Adult education courses generally fall into three categories: educational skills, career training and community education. All three are available in San Jose. Adult education is generally available to anyone over the age of 18. Some courses may be offered for free. Typically, these classes do not award degrees upon completion. Two adult education systems are detailed below, along with some of the courses available.

The table below gives some basic facts about Silicon Valley Adult Education and Milpitas Adult Education:

Schools at a Glance

School Name Institution Type Class Format Program Levels
Silicon Valley Adult Education Public, alternative on-campus, online less than 1-year
Milpitas Adult Education Public on-campus less than 1-year

The San Jose Metropolitan Education District's Adult Programs

San Jose's Metropolitan Education District offers free and low-cost adult education classes through its Silicon Valley Adult Education unit. The schools has seven different programs available, including those in basic reading and writing skills, career technical education and English as a Second Language (ESL).

Adult Basic Education Classes

Recognized as a Program of Excellence by the California Department of Education, this program offers reading, writing and math skills to adults, advancing through the high school level. Students also have the opportunity to work towards a high school diploma or a GED.

Career Technical Education Classes

Vocational classes are offered to prepare students to enter the job market or to update their skills. Areas of study include air conditioning, refrigeration and heating; medical assisting, pharmacy technician and welding, among others.

English as a Second Language Classes

These English classes are offered to non-native adult speakers. Lessons provide students with language skills necessary for obtaining and maintaining employment and to participate in community activities. Classroom work includes reading, writing, listening and other skills. Students can learn in an individual or group setting.

Online Courses

A wide variety of courses are available, including accounting and finance, business, language and arts, computer applications and education. Classes are designed to be interactive and can be completed entirely online.

Milpitas Unified School District's Adult (MUSD) Education Programs

Milpitas Adult Education within the MUSD offers a variety of adult education classes onsite as well as at two high schools. Classes are open to individuals age 18 and over, as well as students 16 to 18 with permission from the school director, and high school juniors and seniors who have permission from the school counselor. Students have the opportunity to pursue personal interests, achieve academically and expand career skills. Classes are offered in many categories; a small sampling is provided below:

Computer Classes

Senior citizens can take a computer class to become more familiar with using the Internet as well as get instruction in sending email attachments and creating word processing documents. Adult learners can also take a Microsoft Excel course to learn about creating spreadsheets.

Health Career Class

Students can prepare for a career in the healthcare field by taking a Mental Health First Aide Certification course. This class trains students on how to detect warning signs and understand the risk factors of mental health.

Music and Dance Classes

Adults can take a hula dance and a Bollywood dancing workout class. A basic piano keyboarding class where students learn music theory and technique is also available.

Writing Classes

These intermediate and advanced writing courses are offered for adults wishing to learn how to structure sentences, write paragraphs and format essays. They also learn how to write letters and resumes.

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