School Counseling Colleges and Universities in the U.S.

Colleges and universities commonly offer programs in school counseling at the graduate level. Some schools offer students the option of a joint bachelor's-master's degree program that includes instruction in school counseling. Potential specialization areas include elementary school counseling, high school counseling, counseling for urban schools and counseling for troubled or special needs students.

How to Select a School Counseling College

Most students interested in school counseling colleges and universities already hold a bachelor's degree. Master of Education and Education Specialist programs grant degrees that generally qualify students to sit for licensing examinations and for subsequent employment as counselors. A Master of Art degree is appropriate for students more interested in continuing their education and applying for Ph.D. programs. Ph.D. programs in school counseling are for students interested in careers involving theory, research and teaching. The availability of internships and research opportunities is also important for students interested in school psychology. Students may gain valuable professional experience through these internships and other experiential learning opportunities. The following considerations should be noted when choosing a school counseling program:

  • When selecting a school counseling program, students usually choose between a master's degree program (Master of Education, Education Specialist or Master of Art) and a Ph.D. program.
  • Research opportunities are more critical for Master of Arts and Ph.D. students who wish to pursue a professional academic career in school counseling.
  • Depending on state licensing requirements and the school, many programs in school counseling require students to complete a set number of hours in the field.

10 Schools with School Counseling Programs

College/University Institution Type
University of Maryland-College Park 4-year, Public
University of North Carolina-Greensboro 4-year, Public
University of Georgia 4-year, Public
University of Wisconsin-Madison 4-year, Public
University of Missouri 4-year, Public
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 4-year, Public
Ohio State University 4-year, Public
Pennsylvania State University-University Park 4-year, Public
University of Florida 4-year, Public
University of Central Florida 4-year, Public

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