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Schools for Adults: Program and Course Information

Schools for adults provide instruction in basic skills such as reading, writing and mathematics, self-enrichment courses such as cooking and art, parenting classes, GED preparation, career training and other similar subjects. Classes are typically flexible and can be completed on campus, online or at home.

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What Programs and Courses Are Offered at Schools for Adults?

Schools for adults typically offer programs that focus on career training, basic educational skills and self-enrichment. A typical adult school curriculum consists of job training and placement, reading, writing, mathematics, art, cooking, parenting classes, senior programs and programs for the disabled, as well as GED and U.S. citizenship preparation classes.

Adult schools may offer both on-campus and online classes, as well as DVD-based home-study courses. Day, evening and weekend classes are typically available as well. Below is more information on the types of classes commonly offered:

Career Technical Education Courses

Job training classes are more commonly referred to as career technical education courses. These classes prepare adult students for vocational careers in areas such as construction, cosmetology and auto repair. These may be available as a single course or as a short-term certificate program. Adult school basic educational skills classes provide training in areas such as reading, writing and math.

Self-Enrichment Courses

Self-enrichment classes focus on helping individuals accomplish their personal goals. Classes cover topics such as cooking, art and money management. Parenting education courses cover topics such as childbirth, family literacy and teenage issues. Childbirth classes include activities such as Lamaze and prenatal aerobics.

Programs for Seniors and Disabled Individuals

Senior programs at adult schools tend to focus on enhancing the lives of the elderly. Classes include arts and crafts, ballroom dancing, exercise, and computer technology. Programs for the disabled focus on literacy, independent living, workplace skills and mental well-being.

High School Diploma and GED Programs

High school diploma programs allow students to earn credits toward a high school diploma. Students earn credit via independent study, classroom instruction or work experience. Students may also be able to transfer any credits already earned from their previous high school experience.

In order to enroll in an adult high school, a student generally needs to be at least 16-years-old and submit a copy of their previous high school transcript. GED classes prepare students to take the GED test. Students often have the option of studying at home by watching DVD's. Topics of study include reading, writing, social studies and mathematics.

Citizenship Programs

United States citizenship courses steer immigrants through the process of obtaining U.S. citizenship. These classes focus on topics such as the English language, government and civics.

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