Seattle, Washington (WA) Colleges and Universities

There are 59 colleges and universities in Seattle, Washington (WA). Find out about the schools with the highest populations, lowest net price, highest graduation rate, and closest proximity to the city of Seattle itself.

Students who live in the area around Seattle, Washington can choose from a wide variety of colleges and universities offering different types of degree programs for different interests and career goals. Included are many of the major Seattle schools listed on the basis of location, student population, net price, and graduation rate. You can use this guide to make informed choices on your educational future when studying in the Seattle area.

Closest Schools to Seattle, Washington

Given its status as a major American city, Seattle contains several major universities within its city limits. The following schools have campuses within the closest proximity to downtown Seattle.

  • Seattle Central College (1.5 miles away)
  • Seattle University (1.5 miles away)
  • Seattle Pacific University (1.5 miles away)
  • University of Washington-Seattle Campus (3.3 miles away)
  • North Seattle College (4.2 miles away)

Largest Schools near Seattle, Washington

If you are interested in studying at a school with a larger student population, look into the following colleges and universities within the Seattle area. Each of these schools features the highest student body inside a 25-mile radius surrounding the city of Seattle.

  • University of Washington--Seattle (44,784 students)
  • Bellevue College (13,469 students)
  • Edmunds Community College (8,993 students)
  • Green River College (7,915 students)
  • Olympic College (7,349 students)

Schools with Lowest Net Price

A school's net price can be understood by the average amount of financial aid received by each student subtracted from the average cost of attending that school. The following schools were listed by the NCES as having the lowest net price for full-time undergraduate students within the Seattle area.

  • Seattle Central College ($2,199)
  • North Seattle College ($5,011)
  • Olympic College ($6,130)
  • Shoreline Community College ($7,170)
  • Bellevue College ($7,330)

Schools with Highest Graduation Rates

The NCES calculates a school's graduation rate by looking at the percentage of full-time undergraduate students at that school who complete their particular degree program within 150% of the average amount of time for that degree. The following five schools boast the highest graduation rates of any schools near the city of Seattle:

  • University of Washington--Seattle (84% graduation rate)
  • Seattle University (79% graduation rate)
  • University of Puget Sound (78% graduation rate)
  • Seattle-Pacific University (71% graduation rate)
  • University of Washington--Bothell (70% graduation rate)

The city of Seattle offers potential students a wide variety of options for different degree programs, campus sizes, school affiliations and cost of education. This guide will help student in Seattle make informed choices about their educational future.

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