Sewing Lessons in Richmond, VA with School Overviews

Research sewing lessons in the Richmond, VA, area, which currently has just two schools within 15 miles of the downtown that offer sewing classes. Read an overview of courses and program requirements for the two schools, and decide which program is right for you.

Richmond, VA, Schools with Sewing Lessons

Students who want to take sewing lessons in the Richmond, VA, area have two school options. Overviews of the schools and their programs can be found below, along with a comparison table with essential institutional information and statistics.

  • Virginia Commonwealth University, located less than two miles from downtown Richmond, offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Fashion Design. The program includes a course in construction techniques that provides instruction in sewing.
  • John Tyler Community College is located a little more than 15 miles from downtown Richmond and offers a course in garment construction that includes sewing lessons.

Virginia Commonwealth University

The BFA in Fashion Design program is offered by the university's School of the Arts. This school offers a variety of art degree programs, including fashion merchandising, craft/materials studies, graphic design and interior design.

BFA in Fashion Design

Virginia Commonwealth University's fashion design program is a 120-credit degree program that provides students with garment creation instructions through a variety of courses, including pattern making, construction techniques, fashion drawing, textiles and draping. Students learn about the computer programs used in fashion design, such as Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The construction techniques class covers professional sewing, in addition to garment finishing. Fashion design students have the opportunity to complete internships in New York City and to study abroad.

John Tyler Community College

The garment construction course at John Tyler Community College is offered through the school's arts department. This 3-credit course meets for 4 hours a week and consists of classroom instruction and a lab.

Garment Construction

This course teaches students how to sew by hand and how to operate a sewing machine to create a garment from start to finish. The class covers how to take measurements, choose fabrics, read patterns and handle fitting problems. Other subjects covered include facings, darts, seam allowances, pinning and ruffles. The arts program at John Tyler Community College also offers an introductory course in fashion design that teaches students about various aspects of the fashion industry, including terminology, drawing the human figure, manufacturing apparel and clothing design.

Comparison of Schools

This table is designed to provide you with an easy way to compare the cost of attendance and prospects for financial aid at the two featured schools. Additional information about admission and retention rates, enrollment and percentages of students who graduate can also be found in this table.

Virginia Commonwealth UniversityJohn Tyler Community College
School Type4-year, public2-year, public
Total Enrollment (2011)31,627*10,797*
Campus SettingMidsized cityLarge suburb
Tuition and Fees (2011-2012)$9,517 in-state; $22,949 out-of-state*$3,620 in-state; $9,368 out-of-state*
% of Beginning Undergraduate Students Receiving Some Form of Financial Aid (2010-2011)82%*66%*
Acceptance Rate (2011)71%*N/A - Open admissions*
Retention Rate (2011)86% for full-time students; 71% for part-time students*59% for full-time students; 45% for part-time students*
Graduation Rate53% (for students beginning in Fall 2005)*13% (for students beginning in Fall 2008)*

Source: *NCES College Navigator.

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