Sewing Machine Classes and Courses Overview

Classes on how to use a sewing machine are available at various skill levels. Read about requirements these classes may have so that you can make an informed decision.

Essential Information

Sewing courses are offered through places such as fabric stores and continuing education departments at various community colleges and universities. Students in a fashion design or fashion studies program may also find a few sewing-specific courses included in the program requirements.

Courses may be taken as a weekly or monthly series or as a 1-day seminar. Programs usually have a list of materials to purchase prior to the start of the class.

Here is an outline of common concepts taught in sewing courses:

  • Basic sewing machine operation
  • Sewing safety
  • How to read pattern instructions
  • Sizing, measuring, and cutting fabric
  • Stitching techniques

List of Courses

Beginning Sewing

In a beginning sewing class, students are introduced to the sewing machine and its basic functions. This class will cover sewing patterns, selecting fabrics and basic sewing techniques. Additional topics may include the pressing of sewn garments, standard types of sewing machines and seam styles. Students may also learn how to perform simple alterations.

Intermediate Sewing

An intermediate sewing course is intended for students who have some sewing background and typically includes a review of basic skills. Students also learn how to add buttons and zippers to garments. Sizing, measuring, fabric types and fabric care may also be covered in this course.

Advanced Sewing

An advanced sewing class is designed for career-oriented students, and the emphasis is on commercial sewing techniques. In an advanced course, students may learn about specialized garments, such as fitness apparel, formal gowns or baby clothing. Sewing short-cuts, draping, use of fabric embellishments and custom-designed garments are also covered. This class provides students with the opportunity to work on a variety of garments, starting with selection of a pattern and materials and continuing through to the final sewing of a finished piece.

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