Sewing Machine Repair Training Programs and Career Information

Sewing machine repair technicians learn the mechanical workings of sewing machines through on-the-job training or apprentices. Few formal classes exist, though sewing machine manufacturers occasionally offer training programs to technicians working with their products.

Essential Information

Careers in sewing machine repair require knowledge of sewing machine mechanics and the skills necessary to repair personal and industrial sewing machines. Hands-on study and on-the-job training are sufficient for self-employment and work with smaller shops.

Knowledge of small machinery and the sewing process is helpful. Obtaining employment as an entry-level worker can lead to formal education and training opportunities through manufacturers or courses that are restricted to current sewing machine repairers. Industrial textile manufacturers often look for applicants with at least 3-5 years of experience when hiring sewing machine repair mechanics for larger operations.

  • Program Levels for Sewing Machine Repair: On-the-job training and apprenticeships, manufacturer workshops and seminars
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Online Availability: A limited number of correspondence courses are available
  • Program Specializations in Sewing Machine Repair: Technicians may become specialized in working with specific brands of sewing machines

On-The-Job Training

Though some correspondence courses are available, hands-on training is the most important aspect of becoming proficient at sewing machine repair. Sewing machine repair shops are sometimes willing to take on apprentices to help support the business. Areas of focus include motor evaluation, hook timing, stitch formation, thread tension and tool selection. Working with or for an experienced practitioner allows a beginning sewing machine repair technician to train on multiple machines. Once trained, they may be able to open an independent business or work under an expert at an established shop. Those seeking a career in industrial sewing machine repair may get significant on-the-job training.

Workshops and Seminars

Some training opportunities are available only to employees of textile businesses. Formal training, including workshops and classes offered by manufacturers, usually trains sewing machine repairers on a particular brand of machine. This training does not necessarily help in the repair of other machine makes or models.

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