List of Sound Technician Schools and Colleges

Sound technicians are often referred to as sound engineering technicians. Sound technician degrees are offered at the associate's and bachelor's degree levels.

How to Choose a Sound Technician School

Two degree options exist for prospective students who wish to become sound engineering technicians. An associate's degree program in sound engineering or recording technology is commonly offered by many community colleges and introduces students to the fundamental concepts and skills needed to become a sound technician. Bachelor's programs in audio engineering or sound engineering technology typically cover many of the same topics, though they include more general education coursework as well.

Further considerations for students in this field:

  • A bachelor's degree program in sound technology is much more thorough and takes an additional two years to complete.
  • A prospective sound technician student should consider the quality of sound equipment that a community college or a university has to offer.
  • Targeted schools should ideally have a fully-equipped sound recording studio where students can learn the craft of recording, mixing and producing.

10 Schools With Sound Technician Programs

College/UniversityInstitution Type
Butler University 4-year, Private
Columbia College4-year, Private
Chaffee College2-year, Public
Johns Hopkins University4-year, Private
Mesa Community College2-year, Public
Savannah College of Art and Design4-year, Private
Springfield Technical Community College2-year, Public
Expression College for Digital Arts4-year, Private
Institute of Production and Recording2-year, Private
The New England Institute of Art4-year, Private

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