Spa Management Courses, Classes and Training Information

Spa management courses and training programs are offered at schools with degree or certificate programs in hospitality, spa management, or resort management. Read about some classes typically offered in a spa management program.

Essential Information

Certificate, associate's, and bachelor's degree programs in spa management are usually offered at colleges and universities that have hospitality and resort management programs. In spa management classes, students learn the necessary skills to run a spa, and they become familiar with popular therapeutic spa treatments. Internships at actual spas are a typical component of a spa management program.

List of Spa Management Classes

Read about the courses below, which are offered in spa management training courses.

Spa History and Evolution

This beginning spa management course introduces students to the history of spas and how they've changed over the years. Class lectures cover types of spas and their health benefits. Students may research actual spas to discover how they were used and what services they offered.

Nutrition and Skin Care Basics

Through this beginning course in spa management, students learn commonly used practices in skin care and nutrition. This study familiarizes them with techniques used in a spa so they can recommend treatments and therapies to potential customers. Many spas offer nutrition and fitness information in addition to skin care procedures. Through these spa management classes, students are able to experience the type of care offered and can make informed management decisions.

Spa Treatments and Aromatherapy

Natural and chemical spa treatments are introduced to students in this beginning spa management course. Students compare advantages and disadvantages of using natural and chemical products. The 'green' value of natural products and customer preferences are also discussed. Students learn the value of aromatherapy and study how scent influences individuals.

Special Issues in Spa Management and Resort

Students become familiar with specific issues in spa management, including ethical and legal concerns. Since spa managers often need to coordinate staff training and arrange for proper insurance coverage, these topics are covered. Trends in spa treatment, such as using natural substances, are discussed.

Training Information

Spa management training includes learning about spa treatments and management, hospitality and business practices. This industry is growing and changing quickly, and managers need to stay up-to-date on the industry's evolution. Spa management training programs are offered at many schools, often in conjunction with business or hospitality programs. Many programs include internships at local spas.

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