Sports Manager Coursework and Schooling Options

Most sports manager coursework is offered at the graduate level, but some undergraduate coursework is available. Read the following information about classes in this field and get detailed descriptions of a few of these courses.

Essential Information

Sports manager courses are available through university degree programs in sports management, business administration, and management. There are a large number of master's degree programs directly in sports management, but at the bachelor's degree level most people can only choose sports management as a concentration area or a minor. Undergraduate certificate programs are also available at some schools.

In sports management courses, students may be introduced to some of the following topics:

  • Networking and communicating in the sports industry
  • Sports marketing campaigns and decision-making strategies
  • Fundraising protocols and public relations
  • Team management plans
  • Leadership and management practices in the industry

List of Courses

Planning and Administrative Duties

In this course students get an overview of the administrative duties performed by sports managers. Topics addressed may include budgeting, planning, and managing strategies. Students will also examine the various kinds of sports programs and managing needs of each program. Instructors will review sports programs at the secondary, postsecondary, and professional levels, and there will also be some discussion about the safety protocols and legal concerns.

Sports Marketing

In this course, students learn how to create marketing plans for athletes and sports franchises. These plans will include promotion, distribution, advertising, sales and branding. Usually, students review local and collegiate entities for examples of successful marketing and branding plans that take into account uniforms and promotional materials, among many other factors.

Legal Concerns in the Sports Industry

Students taking this class study laws and regulations associated with the sports industry. Instructors will elaborate on the most prominent issues of sports law, including labor laws, relationships between agents and athletes, and antitrust exemption cases. Risk management will also be addressed, as will ethical codes of conduct.

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