Springfield, Virginia (VA) Colleges and Universities

There are over 35 colleges and universities within twenty miles of Springfield, VA. When choosing a school there are many factors. If you want a school in Springfield, VA the distance might matter as well as the size, the price and how quickly students get their diplomas.

Closest Schools to Springfield, VA

There are over thirty schools in the region. If you want to stay close to Springfield, VA these are the ones that will keep you near.

  • ITT Technical Institute-Springfield (3.8 miles)
  • IGlobal University (4.5 miles)
  • George Mason University (4.5 miles)
  • Stratford University (4.5 miles)
  • University of the Potomac-VA Campus (4.5 miles)

Largest Schools Near Springfield, VA

When determining what options best suit your need in an education, size matters. Some students prefer large institutions. In the Springfield, VA area you can choose from many schools. These five are the largest:

  • George Mason University (33729)
  • George Washington University (25613)
  • Georgetown University (17858)
  • American University (13061)
  • Howard University (10265)

Lowest Net Price

Many aspiring college students are unable to pick a school without first considering the cost of attendance. According to 2015-2016 data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the following institutions have the lowest undergraduate net price of the twenty in the region compared.

  • University of Management and Technology ($12,801)
  • Argosy University-Washington DC ($14,471)
  • Gallaudet University ($15,196)
  • Trinity Washington University ($15,852)
  • Washington Adventist University ($16,699)

Highest Graduation Rate

The quality level of education at a college or university can impact students' success both in and beyond the classroom. Graduation rates can be useful to examine because they offer clues about what kind of academic experience students may have at a school. According to the NCES, the following five institutions had the highest graduation rates based on first-time undergraduates who completed their programs within 150% of the normal amount of time.

  • Georgetown University (94%)
  • George Washington University (83%)
  • American University (81%)
  • George Mason University (69%)
  • Catholic University of America (69%)

When you're considering going to school in Springfield, VA there are many factors that might influence your decision. This article highlighted the closest schools, the largest schools, the least expensive schools and the schools with the highest graduation rate in the area.

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