Take the GED Online: Overview of Your Online GED Test Options

It is not possible to take the General Educational Development (GED) test online. It can only be taken in person at an official GED testing center. However, there are a number of ways test takers may utilize the Internet to prepare for the exam and to find official testing centers.

Online Preparation for the GED Test

Why the GED is Not Administered Online

By only offering the General Educational Development (GED) test at physical locations, the American Council for Education (ACE), which created the test, is better able to confirm every test taker's identity and control cheating (www.acenet.edu). Some online sites claim to offer a GED credential, but they not affiliated with ACE, the GED Testing Service or any state or jurisdiction that awards the GED credential. Individuals should be wary of these websites as they are fraudulent.

Options for Test Preparation Online

The GED test is a four-part exam that tests your abilities in math, social studies, science and language arts. The credential you receive after passing the test is recognized by nearly all employers and college admissions committees to be equivalent to a high-school diploma. ACE encourages test takers to use online resources as one way to study.

PBS (litlink.ket.org ) and Kentucky station KET produce a GED study course that is recommended by ACE. It includes using the Internet as well as video and print resources.

GED Testing Service Online Study Aids

Visit the GED Testing Services on the ACE website for sample questions with answers and explanations for all four subjects. There is additional information about the calculator used in the exam, the formula sheet and the math answer sheets.

GED Practice Test Questions

GED Practice Test questions may be found on the GED Testing Service website (www.gedtestingservice.com). This approved online practice test is available in English and Spanish, and each section can be taken individually.

State Sponsored Online Study

Check the official GED website for your state, which you can find through your state's Department of Education or under adult basic education or adult literacy. You may be able to take free classes in person, although some states offer or recommend online study resources. For example, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Missouri offer online versions of their GED classes.

Find a Testing Center Online

There are more than 3,400 GED testing centers throughout the United States. They may be found in adult learning centers, community colleges and high schools. Prospective test takers may search the ACE website by zip code for the nearest center.

After determining a location, test-takers should contact the center to verify its location, test dates and registration procedures. Ask if preregistration is allowed online. If you have questions about the GED exam, you can find the name, address and e-mail address, if available, of the test administrator for your state on the ACE website or your state's GED website.

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