Taxation Courses and Degree Programs Overview

Taxation courses are available at the bachelor's and master's degree levels within programs in finance, accounting, economics or auditing. Keep reading to get the essential details about taxation classes and take a look at some course descriptions for students who want to learn more about taxation.

Essential Information

Through taxation courses, students gain a comprehensive understanding of how taxes function in the United States. They learn how to prepare tax forms and determine what is taxable and what deductions are available. Classes may focus on business taxes or personal taxation and both state and federal taxes are covered in most classes in this subject.

Taxation courses are available at the bachelor's and master's degree levels in programs such as finance, accounting, economics and auditing. Some taxation courses are offered individually to people who want to learn more about tax laws for personal enrichment, or as professional certification courses for people who want to work for tax preparation companies. For students who want to become certified public accountants, a bachelor's degree and a licensing exam is required.

List of Taxation Courses

Continue reading the course descriptions below for a better understanding of what is covered in taxation courses.

Tax Policy in Public Finance

This taxation course familiarizes students with an overview of taxation principles, policies and alternative taxation systems. This overview allows students to become familiar with the concept of enforcing tax systems through theory and practical application. Those who complete the course will know how to arrange finances to pay for taxes - whether they're taken out automatically or separately - for both individual taxpayers and businesses.

Federal Income Taxation

Federal income tax courses identify problems many tax payers have in terms of understanding the tax system. Students study deductions, exemptions and credits to provide an overview on tactics for determining an accurate gross taxable income. This taxation course enables students to identify correct means for determining taxable income and the specific rules for determining one's gross income.

International Taxation Principles

This intermediate taxation course examines how individuals make international business transactions. It covers rules for both residents and non-residents. Topics include business principles and investment strategies for dealings outside of the United States. The class examines specific international taxation limitations and procedures.

State and Local Taxation

This course examines the right of states to impose taxes and tax law. Students study how sales tax and property tax are used for government purposes. By studying tax-planning ventures, students learn how state and local taxes are enforced and applied. They also become familiar with how taxes are generated and their legal constraints.

Degree Information

Taxation is often studied within bachelor's and master's degree programs for financial management or accounting. Programs explore the practical aspects of taxation, such as financial management and taxation counseling. Students who want to become accountants must pass the state-issued exam to become certified public accountants (CPAs). Master's degrees in taxation prepare students for independent tax careers or roles within private business and government sectors.

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