Top Rated PhD Programs in the U.S.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs are generally geared toward individuals who want to work in research or postsecondary education. Get rankings and program details for the top-rated schools with Ph.D. programs.

School Overviews

Two of the top-rated schools offering Ph.D. programs in the U.S. include Princeton University in New Jersey and Harvard University in Massachusetts. Both universities are known for excellence in research, and each school provides a large number of program options for students seeking a Ph.D. Continue reading for additional details.

1.Princeton University in Elizabeth, NJ

School Highlight: Aspiring Ph.D. students have the choice of myriad research opportunities with a multitude of interdisciplinary programs.

This school offers over 40 Ph.D. degrees as well as joint Ph.D. and medicine or law degrees. Princeton University is known as a top research school in the U.S.

2.Harvard University in Cambridge, MA

School Highlight: The school has more than 100 research centers on it's main campus and around the world.

Harvard offers Ph.D. degrees and secondary designations in a number of areas, from anthropology to religion. Furthermore, Ph.D. students and faculty research and discuss special topics, ranging from the environment to human rights, in the university's Graduate Consortia.

Top U.S. Ph.D. Programs

College/University Name Distinction Location
Columbia University Doctoral students can pursue a dual degree, combining a Ph.D. with either a Juris Doctor (J.D.) or a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) New York, NY
Cornell University Interdisciplinary research is conducted through at least 100 research centers, institutes and laboratories housed at the university Ithaca, NY
Northwestern University University's interdisciplinary clusters give students the option to study and conduct research with students and faculty outside of their program that have similar interests or who are trying to resolve a common problem Evanston, IL
Stanford University University faculty includes 22 Nobel Laureates and five Pulitzer Prize Winners Stanford, CA
University of California - Berkeley Doctoral students can customize an interdisciplinary degree program Berkeley, CA
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor University offers more than 100 Ph.D. programs Ann Arbor, MI
University of Pennsylvania The graduate school is home to nearly 200 research centers and institutes Philadelphia, PA
University of Texas at Austin University has 13 libraries stocked with over 10 million volumes Austin, TX
University of Washington - Seattle University provides $11 million in graduate fellowships and other awards yearly Seattle, WA
University of Wisconsin - Madison School has over 150 graduate programs Madison, WI

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