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Underwriting Courses and Classes Overview

Discover the key areas of discussion among fundamental underwriting courses. Read in-depth descriptions of underwriting courses often required in training programs at various academic levels.

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Essential Information

Underwriting courses are available through professional programs in insurance underwriting, banking, risk management and auditing. Another option is to enroll in an underwriting course independently for personal enrichment or to meet career continuing education units, such as for a life insurance agent.

In general, courses cover the responsibility of insurance agencies for insuring individuals as well as provide instruction on the complete insurance coverage process. Through underwriting classes, students learn how to write loans and find out about the lending and insuring processes. If part of a degree program or taken alone, students may need to meet a prerequisite, such as completing a banking or finance course.

List of Underwriting Courses

Read the common trajectory of basic and advanced underwriting courses that individuals often encounter in their training program.

Introductory Underwriting Course

Aspiring underwriters begin their training with courses that introduce the objectives and terminology of insurance underwriting. Students enrolled in underwriting courses learn the decision-making process involved in insuring a client or business. Throughout the course, students will see the underwriting process in action through case studies in personal automobile, homeowner, liability and commercial property insurance. Upon completion, students may consider continuing with courses in either personal insurance or commercial underwriting.

Marketing in Personal Insurance Course

Students in underwriting courses often specialize in personal insurance. Personal insurance courses study many aspects of underwriting insurance policies, including regulation, marketing and analysis of risk. Underwriting courses such as this conform to the Insurance Institute's Associate in Personal Insurance (API) program, which includes additional courses in portfolio management and product development. One should keep in mind that the Insurance Institute's programs are professional designations and have nothing to do with associate's degrees.

Principals and Properties of Commercial Underwriting Course

The Insurance Institute also offers underwriting courses in the commercial realm. As part of the Associate in Commercial Underwriting (ACU) program, these courses introduce students to the field of business insurance policies. Designed for both veteran and beginning underwriters, the course gives students valuable knowledge on the tools available in underwriting for commercial accounts. Students in underwriting courses study pricing, protection and external exposure, construction, financial analysis, indirect loss underwriting and commercial crime insurance.

Loan Course

Students evaluate customers' ability to pay back loans based on their credit rating and overall financial standing. Loans can be written for many personal purchases, including cars and homes, and this course covers the loan process and the options associated with borrowing and lending. This course includes sample problems for students to determine whether or not buyers qualify. Lectures, guest speakers, reading materials and hands-on experiences help students understand and use the loan evaluation process.

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