Universities Offering a Sports Management Masters Degree Program

Professionals in sports management work behind the scenes in the athletic industry. They negotiate contracts and help publicize their clients. Sports management master's degree programs prepare students for careers in this field through coursework and internships.

How to Select a Sports Management Master's Degree Program

Master's degree programs in sports management are available at universities across the country. These programs may be housed in a university's department of arts and science, hospitality or continuing education.

Summary of Considerations

  • Program breadth
  • Specialization options
  • Internship opportunities

Program Breadth

When looking for an appropriate school, aspiring students may want to seek programs that cover areas of business and finance as they relate to the sporting industry. Programs that include business management topics as well as sports topics may help students gain the business knowledge needed to work in the sports management industry.

Specialization Options

Students may want to look for programs with specialization options. These allow students to go beyond the core curriculum and complete advanced courses in subjects such as marketing, media relations or management. All of these topics are likely to be covered in any sports management curriculum, but having advanced training in one area could increase a student's employability upon graduation. Some programs also offer credits for independent study and advanced research that can allow a student to delve even deeper into a topic of interest.

Internship Opportunities

Because an internship is useful for those interested in having a career in sports management, potential students may want to look for schools that have strong ties to local businesses and sports teams. This may also involve working with one of the university's own sports teams. If the school is based in a metropolitan city, individuals may seek schools with ties to local professional sports franchises.

Sports Management Program Overview

Master's Degree in Sports Management

Master of Science and Master of Arts in Sports Management programs can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis with evening and weekend classes so that students can continue to work during the weekday while pursuing their degree. The curriculum spans about 36-45 credits that can be satisfied in a minimum of three semesters. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree, qualifying scores from graduate exams and relevant references. Typical courses include:

  • Strategic management
  • Business development
  • Public relations
  • Sports marketing
  • Sports business research

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