Universities that Offer Public Administration Courses and Degrees

Students in public administration programs may expect an interdisciplinary course of study focusing on topics such as political science, management, sociology, and economics. Public administration degrees are widely available at colleges and universities. Degrees are offered at the associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral level.

How to Choose a Public Administration School

A prospective student considering a public administration degree should first decide which program is appropriate and meets their personal and professional objectives. An associate's degree program in public administration provides a brief introduction to the field, while other degree options go into much more depth and may allow a student to choose a concentration area. Entry-level positions may require only an associate's degree, while roles with more responsibility require at least a bachelor's. A master's degree allows students to attain executive level positions in public administration. Students should consider the following when selecting a program:

  • Concentrations may include non-profit management, financial management, health policy and public policy analysis.
  • Internships can play a large role in providing students with experience and connections; prospective students should give a school's internship opportunities consideration.

Top 10 Schools for a Master's in Public Administration

College/UniversityInstitution Type
Syracuse University2-year, Private
University of Georgia2-year, Public
Indiana University2-year, Public
Harvard University2-year, Private
University of Kansas2-year, Public
University of Southern California2-year, Public
Rutgers University2-year, Public
American University2-year, Private
New York University2-year, Private
George Washington University2-year, Private

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