Upland Adult School Options with Course and Program Info

Residents of Upland, CA, who are interested in pursuing an adult education will find several options in and near this city. Upland adult school programs address the needs of a diverse community, ranging from career training to personal growth. Adult education programs are available through community centers, public schools and colleges.

Schools and Adult Programs

Upland is a small city in the foothills of California's San Bernardino Mountains. Adults in this region who need to develop their English language skills, earn credits toward a high school diploma or acquire job skills can find educational opportunities in Upland to help them attain their goals. Adult learners can prepare for entry-level positions in the accounting, computer repair, medical billing, web design, and graphic design sectors.

Programs can offer hands-on training experiences and often prepare graduates to pursue any necessary certification in their chosen fields. Two adult school options for those in Upland are discussed at length below.

Schools At a Glance

School Name Location Program Levels Class Format
Upland Unified School District Upland High school completion On-campus
Chaffey Adult School Ontario High school completion, standalone courses On-campus

Upland Adult School's Education Programs

Upland Adult School supports community members in learning English and completing their high school education. English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are open to any adult in the Upland area and surrounding communities. Counselors meet with adult students to discuss educational and vocational goals and strategies.

High School Completion Program

An adult student can earn his or her high school diploma by taking courses in the evenings. Available high school courses include four levels of English, algebra, science, world and U.S. history, government and art.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

ESL classes held weekdays help adult students develop proficient English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Counselors assist ESL students as they progress with planning their next educational or vocational steps.

Chaffey Adult School

Chaffey Adult School features several locations, two of which are near Upland. This network provides instruction to adults looking to satisfy high school diploma requirements or acquire job and career training. Chaffey offers the following programs:

Woodworking Program

Aspiring carpenters and contractors might benefit from this program, which focuses on basic and advanced concepts related to furniture and cabinet making. Students in this program build skills by working on carefully organized projects.

Masonry Program

This 14-week program provides students with fundamental masonry skills, preparing them for a number of careers. Course topics include tools & equipment, mortar preparation, block laying, project planning, and job safety.

Computer Graphics Program

The primary focus of this program is digital image manipulation. This course will train students to become proficient in Adobe Photoshop, and course topics include special effect filters, color techniques, and layering.

Medical Billing Assistant Program

This course provides essential training in skills necessary to perform medical billing. Focusing on software skill development, the course trains participants about procedural coding and insurance policies.

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