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Dietician and Nutritionist Degree Programs and Career Video

Dietician and Nutritionist Degree Programs and Career Video Transcript

Careers in nutrition include career titles such as dietician and nutritionist. Both job titles describe a person who is concerned with clients' overall health through proper diet and fitness. This video provides an overview nutrition careers.


Practitioners of nutrition and dietetics promote health through the managing of nutrition and food [1]. They ensure the food you eat is healthy by preparing and implementing customized food and nutrition programs. In larger institutions, they prepare and supervise meals, while more experienced nutritionists and dieticians manage food service systems or conduct research.

Job Skills and Duties

Nutritionists and dieticians need good interpersonal skills to work with the public as well as organizations and institutions. For example, they may provide nutrition education classes on food safety, teaching a wide audience, or they might consult with a person one-on-one concerning weight loss. In medical settings nutritionists and dieticians might focus more on the clinical aspect of nutrition. For example, in a hospital, they need to have extensive medical knowledge concerning nutrition-related diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or Crohn's disease [2]. Dieticians and nutritionists may also work in a school setting, aiding in the planning of healthy meals and snacks for students.

Training Required

Nutrition and dietetics requirements vary depending upon the state you intend to work in. Some states have few or no requirements, while others are much more stringent. Many require a license or certification. Education at the college or university level is an excellent way to obtain training to become licensed as a nutritionist or dietician. Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate level degrees in Nutrition are offered at various college and universities across the United States. For the student hoping to stand out among the crowd, the American Dietetic Association (or ADA) grants a registered dietician credential for those who pass the required coursework and exam, as well as have enough supervised experience.

Prominent Jobs

Within the field of nutrition and dietetic services there are many specializations. Common specializations include clinical, community, management and consultant dieticians. More than half of all nutrition and dietician jobs are in medical facilities such as hospitals or doctor's offices.[3]. Other areas of employment include private practices, special food services, and the local, state or federal government. With the wide variety of career options, nutrition and dietetics make an excellent career choice for those who are interested in working with people to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


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