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Floral Design and Flower Arranging Career Video: Becoming a Floral Designer

Floral Design and Flower Arranging Career Video: Becoming a Floral Designer Transcript

The art of floral design includes the arrangement of flowers and other greenery for a variety of clients. A floral designer may consider him or herself an artist as they use a creative eye to develop pleasing arrangements. Floral design is the one of the only design specialties that does not require formal training and education.


Those interested in art, floral design or horticulture may be interested in the field of floral design. Floral designers work in private boutiques, grocery stores or for flower wholesalers. They are in charge of making arrangements of live or silk flowers for a variety of clients. Becoming a floral designer does not require formal training or a college education.

Job Duties and Skills

Floral designers work to situate flowers in a variety of arrangements. These arrangements can include small and large bouquets, wreaths, centerpieces for weddings or other events and corsages. Florists spend much of their time on their feet and work constantly with their hands. They must have a sense of creativity and knowledge of which flowers and greenery are in season at what time. For those who work in private shops and boutiques, pricing and budgeting may also be a job duty. Good customer service skills and the ability to help clients determine their floral needs are also a must.

Training Required

Though no formal training is necessary to become a floral designer, some individuals choose to earn their associate's or bachelor's degree in an area such as floral design, horticulture or ornamental horticulture. Training through a school may include learning the basics in floral arrangement. Courses may also include cutting and taping techniques, the ability to differentiate types of flowers and pricing. An accreditation option is also available through the American Institute of Floral Designers. The examination, once passed, indicates one's professional achievement in the field.

Career Opportunities

The majority of floral designers can be found in independent floral shops or boutiques. These businesses often specialize in preparing arrangements that are custom-made for events, such as weddings and funerals. Floral designers may also find themselves working for interior designers, caterers or in the floral department of a grocery store. Careers are also available as Internet florists. These professionals work to create preset floral arrangements and bouquets that customers order online.


As the only design trade that does not require formal training or education, the field of floral design can be easy to step in to. Most floral designers learn their trade on the job, with many of them working for independent floral shops. These designers are responsible for all types of floral arrangements, from wedding centerpieces to funeral arrangements. It is a profession that may call for weekend hours and long periods of standing. Those who are knowledgeable about flowers and have a creative eye for arrangements may enjoy this artistic profession.


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