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Following Up After a Job Interview Video

Following Up After a Job Interview Video Transcript

Following up after a job interview is essential. After watching this video, you'll establish the basics of keeping in contact with your prospective employer, demonstrating interest in the position and maximizing your chances of hire.

  1. Initial Follow Up After the Job Interview
    • This video establishes the importance of following up after your job interview. You should do this after 24 hours by sending a letter, card or email. Make sure you personalize responses, which communicates your interest in the job. Do so within a sense of the company's culture.
    • Verify names and titles of everyone you interviewed with. You can check these by contacting the administration of the company. Send a customized thank you to everyone conducting your job interview. Never send a form letter.
  2. Points to Think About After Your Job Interview
    • Ask yourself if you want a job at this time, at this place and with these people. If so, you should prepare to stay engaged with your prospective employer.
    • Begin by having your contacts who work with or in the company put in a good word. Having someone who can put in a good word to follow up with your job interview goes a long way.
  3. Continual Follow Up After Your Job Interview
    • It is vital that you continue to campaign after your job interview. Maintain contact. Continue to send personalized contacts to your prospective employer to demonstrate continued interest and commitment.
    • This can be done by obtaining more information about the company and sending more ideas, feedback or input to your interviewer. Stay in contact. Find out if they plan to conduct a second job interview.

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