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How to Dress for a Job Interview Video

How to Dress for a Job Interview Video Transcript

How you should dress for a job interview is important to know before you go in. Watching the video will establish ways to assess company culture, exceptions, accessories to dress at a job interview and how to play it safe and professional.

  1. Dressing for Company Culture in a Job Interview
    • First impressions count. When dressing up for your job interview, you need to fit company culture. It's not always suit and tie.
    • Never overdress or under dress for your job interview. Dress is usually better for the interview than those working in the every day job.
  2. Understanding Company Culture in Dressing for Your Job Interview
    • See if you can find someone who knows the company or field. They can provide advice on how to dress for a job interview.
    • Look at the company's jobs or career section on their website. Observe the worksite to see how they dress.
  3. Formal Job Interview Dress Guidelines
    • Formal dress is required in face-to-face positions such as those in sales, law or any field dealing with the public. Casual is okay some of the time.
    • Traditional fields like finance, old corporations, banking, government and senior positions usually require formal dress for a job interview.
  4. Casual Dress Guidelines
    • Some job interviews allow casual dress, though you should keep it neat and clean. For men, this means a dress shirt and khakis.
    • Women ought to wear dress pants. Men and women may dress casually for a job interview in nonprofits, high tech companies or creative fields with younger workers.
  5. If You're Unsure How to Dress for an Interview
    • Men who are unsure how to dress for their job interview may wear a jacket and pants. Women may wear a jacket and dress.
    • Your jacket can always be removed. Do this at the interview if the company turns out to be more casual.
  6. Jewelry and Accessories
    • Look professional. Your hair color and style should be standard.
    • Hide your tattoos. You should shy away from jewelry or perfume at a job interview. Women's dress should never be too short, tight or low cut.

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