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How to Get Your Resume Noticed Video

How to Get Your Resume Noticed Video Transcript

Getting your resume noticed is essential to job seekers. Completion of the video will walk you through the steps of resume basics as well as getting your resume noticed in the real and virtual worlds.

  1. How to Get Your Resume Noticed
    • It's a practical matter, as only 3% of applicants are hired based on their resume and application alone. Your resume will be noticed through a combination of networking in the real and virtual world as well as a referrals.
    • You can support your resume through job networking. Real world notice of your resume comes from forward and backup networking.
  2. How to Get Your Resume Noticed in the Real World
    • Forward networking is talking to current contacts about job listings. To get your resume noticed, put their contact names on the subject line of your email and on your cover letter.
    • Backup networking is a good way to get your resume noticed if you currently have no contacts in the company to which you are applying. Getting your resume noticed this way is done through regular submission, attempting to establish networking contact within the company, and resubmitting using the name of your new contact.
  3. How to Get Your Resume Noticed in the Virtual World
    • Whether you have networking contacts or not, big companies use resume scanners. These look for keywords that get your resume noticed whenever they appear.
    • Use bullets in your resume to describe your skills and qualifications. Refer to the job listing as the video describes for keywords a resume scanner will be targeting. Describing your skills in complete sentences will get your resume noticed.

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