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How to List Your Accomplishments in a Resume Video

How to List Your Accomplishments in a Resume Video Transcript

Listing your accomplishments is an essential part of your resume. Completion of this video instructs you how to list your accomplishments on a resume in bulleted lists while using action verbs, showing results and impressing the reader.

  1. Your Accomplishments in Bulleted Lists
    • Say what you did on the job in bullets. Listing your accomplishments on a resume should involve five to seven bullets per position. Keep your resume accomplishment bullets in complete sentences and to a maximum of two and a half lines.
    • Show your accomplishments. Use verbs that demonstrate a skill, the action and the result of your work. Make sure these are organized. You can also Google 'action word resumes' to give you a better idea of how to show your accomplishments with action words.
  2. Targeting Your Resume to the Job
    • Show how your skills describe your results. This should be short, concise and dynamic. Doing so while demonstrating your accomplishments only means customizing your resume, not an overhaul.
    • Use verbs that demonstrate your accomplishments affirmatively. These should be customized to the job listing. This not only tells the reader how you fit, but it also tells the resume scanning software how you fit.
  3. Your Resume Showing Results and Impressing the Reader
    • Use specifics. Make sure you not only communicate action, but also provide numbers and facts, giving the reader a scope of your accomplishments. The same skill words in the job description are not only more impressive and show accomplishment, but they are picked up by resume scanning software.
    • Communicate your skills in a resume affirmatively. Avoid words like 'helped' or 'assisted.' Use action words. Instead of saying, 'I assisted scheduling for travel meetings,' write, 'I scheduled travel meetings.'

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