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How to Predict Job Interview Questions Video

How to Predict Job Interview Questions Video Transcript

Changing or advancing in a career makes it essential for you to anticipate job interview questions. Watching this video will walk you through the basic research required, job related questions, behavioral questions and how to develop the best responses.

  1. Basic Research into Job Interview Questions
    • You want to start predicting job interview questions by doing research into the role you're applying for and the interviewer. Ask your networking sources what questions or types of questions will be asked. Completion of the video also establishes your need to research salary.
    • You can also get information by talking to people in alumni databases and other network contacts. Much of your research can be done online at the company's website. Wetfeet Press at has good books on major corporations.
  2. Job Related Interview Questions
    • Predicting questions can be specific based on the job description. Based on its content, you can anticipate what your prospective employer will ask.
    • A lot of typical job interview questions will ask about your long range goals. You can expect many prospective employers to ask what your current responsibilities are and why you want to work for them.
  3. Behavioral Job Interview Questions
    • Many employers will ask behavioral job interview questions. These include questions about what have you done, what your behavior has been and what your past work experience entailed.
    • Other behavioral job interview questions will ask how you work in a team, what leadership experience you have had and how you deal with change. You can also predict with certainty that you will be required to answer how you overcame a challenge.
  4. Responses to Job Interview Questions
    • Come up with examples to answer behavioral or job related questions at your interview. You should familiarize yourself with the answers to these questions either in your own mind or on index cards.

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