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Optional Sections to Add to Your Resume Video

Optional Sections to Add to Your Resume Video Transcript

Optional sections to add to your resume can help fill in the gap where needed and enhance the skills and proficiencies already listed on your resume. Completion of this video will discuss the optional resume sections such as profile, technical skills, certifications, awards, memberships and community involvement.

  1. Profile
    • Your profile is a mini cover letter in case the real one was separated from your resume. It consists of four to six one-line bullets.
    • The profile should be located after your name and address and before your work experience. This optional resume section should be targeted to each job you apply for.
  2. Technical Skills
    • This optional part of your resume should be listed above your work experience. You should break this down into categories.
    • You should list different technical skills and proficiencies you have when applying to technical jobs. If you are applying for non-technical work, you can simply list operating systems, databases or software packages you have experience with.
  3. Awards and honors
    • It is okay for you to list college awards and honors up to a few years after graduation. You should eventually take these off, as they indicate a lack of experience.
    • List your work awards. Use this optional part of the resume to say what they were for, how you earned them and what qualified you.
  4. Memberships
    • This optional part of the resume should list the organization, your title and the date you were involved. You should list this especially if you had a leadership role.
    • Work in numerous organizations can be listed with bullets. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you did, especially if it contributes to job experience.
  5. Community Involvement
    • This optional resume section lists volunteer work. Whether you are paid or not, it translates into real experience and real skills used which can enhance your resume. For example, you could add volunteer time with public access as experience in video production.
    • Add bullets for each volunteer experience or position. You should also add stuff needed to complete the job itself, and what skills you acquired.

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