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Preschool Teacher Video: Educational Requirements for Preschool Teachers

Preschool Teacher Video: Educational Requirements for Preschool Teachers Transcript

Teaching is widely regarded to be among the most important and rewarding professions. Preschool teaching is often thought to be especially important given its prominent role in the formative years of a child's development. While these programs were once found only in select areas, employment opportunities in pre-school education are on the rise throughout the nation.


Preschool teachers are responsible for preparing children for elementary school. Most students at this age have not yet developed the cognitive abilities for such tasks as reading, writing or math. Preschool teachers build the foundation skills students use later to succeed academically. Social skills, another strong factor in school success, are also emphasized. Most preschool lessons consist of games and other group activities designed to promote learning through interaction with others. These group sessions allow for language and social development while building basic skills in art, music, science and math. It's the job of preschool teachers to set up and oversee these activities. Preschool teachers must also evaluate children to ensure they are learning academic skills, exhibiting appropriate social behaviors and developing in other healthy ways.

Typical Coursework

Education requirements for preschool teachers can vary by state. In some areas, a bachelor's degree in early childhood education is required for licensure. Other states may license preschool teachers who have earned an associate's degree or certification through a widely recognized authority (as in the case of the Child Development Associate credential). Preschool educators most often take courses in child development and educational theory. Education and certification programs typically incorporate academic study with in-the-classroom experiences to prepare students for their work with children. Requirements for preschool teachers in private settings are not federally regulated, but most often these professionals are required to have post-secondary education or certification of some kind.


Teaching is widely regarded to be among the most important and rewarding professions. Many are drawn to preschool education in particular because it allows teachers a unique opportunity to play a prominent role in children's healthy development. If you have a love for children and teaching a career as a preschool teacher might be for you.


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