The Most Popular College Majors Video

The Most Popular College Majors Video Transcript

Discover the latest trends in choosing the most popular majors for today's students. This video describes why today's students are choosing degree programs that lead to specific job prospects, such as business and a wide variety of technology fields. Majors in categories, such as liberal arts, are still popular choices but are losing ground as the correlation between major and career are less obvious.

The Most Popular College Majors Video Overview

  1. Career Focused
    • Students today seek majors that will lead directly into jobs upon completion of their undergraduate degrees. Majors, such as business, accounting, computer science and technology related disciplines are popular because students see the exact relationship between their studies and career prospects.
  2. Liberal Arts
    • There seems to be a decline in requests for liberal arts majors, such as English, because the correlation between academic studies and job opportunities is less obvious than with majors like business or accounting.

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