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Tips for Submitting Your Resume Video

Tips for Submitting Your Resume Video Transcript

Submitting your resume effectively is vital to ensuring that it is read. After completion of this video, you will understand how resume scanning software works, what it looks for, and how to submit your resume effectively.

  1. Resume Submission Guidelines
    • Follow the instructions an employer provides exactly. Without instructions, you can still submit your resume to make sure the scanner passes it on to real people.
    • The subject line for an emailed resume can make sure people read it. Use this to list a mutual connection you have with the company, such as your referral.
  2. Email as a Cover Letter
    • The email window is your mini cover letter. This motivates the employer to read the rest of the email. Start a brief letter with your mutual contact and the job title.
    • Your cover letter should have three to four bullets describing how your knowledge and experience match the job description. List your relevant experience, qualities and degrees especially if the employer has asked for them.
  3. Resume Scanners
    • Write your resume for the software scanner, as many firms use these to select applicants for an interview. You may have to revise your resume for effective submission.
    • Scanners look for key skill words and degree matches, usually 20 to 30 nouns key to the job listing. Your resume should use those words.
  4. Resume Submission Format
    • Save your resume as a text document, and review it to ensure that it looks okay. You should also save it as a .doc file. Never use italics, underlines and boxes.
    • Submit the text version in the body of the email, attaching the .doc format to the email. This will ensure that your resume is effectively submitted through scanning software.
  5. Graphics and Design Resumes
    • These are submitted effectively as an attached Word document. You should accompany these with a cover letter in the email and label files with your name.
    • With video resumes, you should provide links to a website. While employers rarely have time to review these, the link is there if they do.

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