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Tips for Writing a Resume Cover Letter Video

Tips for Writing a Resume Cover Letter Video Transcript

Writing a resume cover letter is important in order to ensure that the resume itself is read. Completion of the video will provide tips for writing a resume cover letter, its elements and making sure it is read.

  1. Writing a Quick Read
    • The average reader has dozens of resume cover letters to read. The average letter is read for ten seconds unless the reader knows you. The less you write, the more they read. Leave a lot of white space in the cover letter.
    • A resume cover letter contains three parts. These include the opening paragraph, bullets listing your qualifications and the closing paragraph.
  2. First Section
    • Have the opening of your cover letter addressed to a specific person. Address it specifically to the appropriate person, not 'to whom it may concern'.
    • State what you are applying for and how you are connected. For example, your resume cover letter may say, 'At the suggestion of Dan Miller, I'm applying to X position.'
  3. Second Section
    • The second section of a resume cover letter should contain five to seven bullets. These should be your best qualifications and experience that match the job posting.
    • Select your most impressive skills experience. This part of the resume cover letter ought to address whatever they're asking for.
  4. Last Section
    • In your resume cover letter's closing paragraph, say you look forward to speaking with the employer. If you mention follow up, do it. Try to find someone in the company you can speak with.
    • It is okay to mention that you admire the company in your resume cover letter, but keep it short. Their goal is to tell what you can do for them and how your qualifications will meet their mission.

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