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Vehicle Mechanic Career Video for Mechanic and Repair Technology Degrees

Vehicle Mechanic Career Video for Mechanic and Repair Technology Degrees Transcript

When the average person thinks of a mechanic, they generally think of an automotive mechanic. However, other job opportunities exist for mechanics, such as motorcycle, watercraft and heavy equipment mechanics. This video provides a good introduction for anyone thinking about becoming a vehicle mechanic.


Vehicle mechanics, known more commonly today as automotive technicians, work on all varieties of cars and light trucks.


In general, mechanics inspect, maintain and repair all facets of the standard gasoline-based vehicle. Increasingly, mechanics perform the same tasks for non-gasoline powered vehicles, such as cars that run on ethanol-based fuel and electricity. Today's mechanics must also have a good understanding of electronics as technology in vehicles has increased with on-board computer sensors and controls.

Job Skills and Duties

A typical work day involves the mechanic working on several vehicles. The procedures may involve something as simple as a tune-up focusing on changing the oil, air filter and lubricating or inspecting other parts. On the other hand, the mechanic may tackle something as involved as a complete engine overhaul where the entire engine is removed from the vehicle, taken completely apart and reassembled with new seals, gaskets, and other parts. Mechanics require good hand dexterity and fine motor skills to use tools from screwdrivers and wrenches to more complex electronic diagnostic devices.

Training Required

While some mechanics still learn the trade solely through other experienced workers, the vast majority learn through formal training programs. Vocational schools, technical institutes and junior colleges all generally offer training in automotive technology. An entry-level mechanic usually starts out as a technician's helper, trainee technician or lubrication worker. As they gain experience they are given more complex tasks. While only voluntary, a certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is a highly regarded credential in the automotive industry [1]. The ASE provides certification for both the automotive program offering the training and for the individual technician. To be certified, technicians must have at least two years of experience in the area they intend to test in and must also pass an examination.

Typical Occupations

Vehicle mechanics often specialize in specific areas of a vehicle, such as transmissions, air-conditioning, brakes, tuneups or front-ends [2]. In addition to the vehicle specialties, mechanics are employed in a variety of automotive areas such as dealerships, part wholesalers and retailers, repair and maintenance shops, vehicle leasing companies and at all levels of government.


In summary, vehicle mechanics and technicians need to have great knowledge of engine and electronic based concepts. Technical schools and junior colleges typically offer good programs to get started in the automotive industry. You'll want to make sure that the school and program you choose is ASE certified to ensure they are meeting the highest industry standards possible.


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