Virginia GED Program Summary with Test Information

The General Educational Development (GED) is a series of tests designed to prove a person meets the basic knowledge requirements of a high school senior. These tests are based upon current graduation requirements. Students pursuing the GED credential in Virginia may want to attend courses or undergo other preparation in order to pass the tests.

Summary of the Virginia GED Program

The American Council on Education (ACE) created the GED tests, which are administered by the state at local school division locations and are not available to be taken online. The tests cover four subject areas - language arts, science, social studies and mathematics. Question types include multiple choice, fill in the blank, drag-and-drop, hot spot, and short and extended answers.

Students must demonstrate a clear understanding of the subject areas to pass. In Virginia, students must pass the GED tests with no less than 150 on any individual test and a total score of 600.

GED Requirements

To sit for the GED tests, a person must be at least 18 years old. In some situations, such as home-schooled students or incarcerated individuals, the minimum age can be reduced to 16, but further requirements may need to be met before the GED tests can be taken.

Individuals don't have to be Virginia residents. The state also doesn't require completion of the practice test, and there is no waiting period for individuals who fail a test before they can retake the test.

Test Preparation

Test preparation is not required for the tests, but since there is a fee and time commitment involved in taking the test, many people decide to undergo some type of test preparation. In Virginia, there are several different ways a person can prepare for the GED tests, including online classes and interactive lessons, television class programs and online video presentations.

The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) offers classes online and through a weekly television program. Both are free and available statewide. The state's eLearn program offers free online classes and video presentations to help students prepare. There is also the option of taking the official GED practice test, which can help an individual learn which parts of the tests he or she may need to prepare for.

Taking the Tests

When a person is ready to take the GED tests, he or she can register online using a simple form. After registration, a person must print off the proof of registration form and take it to a testing center. Fees are paid and the actual registration for a date to take the test is handled at the testing center location once proof of registration is supplied.

After completing and passing the GED tests, a person is issued a GED certificate. GED certificate holders may be able to get assistance through the Virginia Community College System and the Virginia Department of Education to find placement in college programs or work opportunities. The same organizations offer preparation assistance to those who have failed the GED tests.

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