Wedding Dress Design Class and Course Descriptions

Wedding dress design classes enable students to study wedding dress designs and possibly create their own designs. Many students take these classes as part of education programs in fashion design.

Essential Information

Wedding dress design courses and classes are available through certificate, associate degree and bachelor's degree programs in wedding planning and fashion design. They may also be available as standalone courses through colleges or private organizations for people who want to become familiar with wedding dress styles for personal purposes. Some programs include internship opportunities.

List of Courses

The courses described below are common to programs that include wedding dress design.

Wedding Gown Style Course

This wedding dress design course is for students interested in becoming wedding planners and is usually offered through a certificate program. The course typically examines the 50 top designers in the wedding dress industry and the products they offer. It covers the many different styles of wedding gowns and veils available to brides today. Students study right and wrong dress types, cuts and colors for different figures so they can steer their clients in the right direction and help brides find their perfect gown.

Dress Design Challenge Course

In this wedding dress design class, students take old wedding dresses and take them apart to create new, modern dresses out of the old fabric. This is a challenge-style course taken in a short time period that lets students experience the expectations and pressures of working in the wedding dress design industry. Students must sew and fit the dress and display their creations at the end of the challenge course.

Clothing Construction and Dress Designing Techniques Course

This course examines methods for designing patterns, cutting them out and putting them together. Students practice adding shape and fullness to wedding dresses and tailoring the dresses to fit perfectly. Elements of design, including fabrics and decorations, are also incorporated to create original designs. Methods for taking measurements and cutting patterns to fit different body types are covered in this sewing class.

Historical Wedding Dress Designs in America Course

Students examine clippings and pictures of wedding dresses from America's past, including World War I and II, and the Civil War eras, examining the different factors that made them popular. The course looks at popular dress colors and fabrics, such as silk, wool and rayon. Other elements of dress construction, such as sleeve styles, bodice fit, skirt length, veils and train style are examined. Students study the way past fashions influence modern dress designs and learn to identify elements which are common in modern styles, as well as how to construct them.

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