Where Can I Find Woodworking Classes in the Orlando Area?

There are 6 schools in the areas surrounding Orlando that have woodworking programs. To narrow down your choices and discover which one is right for you, read an overview of the program requirements at 3 schools located within about 110 miles of the city's center.

Orlando Woodworking Schools

Since there aren't any schools offering woodworking programs within 50 miles of Orlando, students must look to distant Florida colleges for training in the field. Learn about the focus areas and coursework required at three institutions that are less than 2 hours from central part of the city. Feel free to also take a look at the table of school statistics for comparison as well as information on a few other education options available in the area.

  • Erwin Technical Center can be found in Tampa about 82 miles from downtown Orlando. The school offers a diploma in carpentry.
  • Located in St. Augustine, First Coast Technical College is 111 miles from Orlando and has a carpentry certificate program.
  • Withlacoochee Technical Institute can be found in Inverness and is situated about 70 miles from Orlando's downtown area. Students can obtain a certificate in the field at this school.

Erwin Technical Center

This school's carpentry program provides students with hands-on training in aspects of the building construction cycle.

Carpentry (Residential and Commercial) Diploma

This program can be completed in 14 months. Topics include roof and wall framing, cabinetmaking, blueprint reading, exterior and interior trim, shop safety, leveling instruments and carpentry tools. Graduates may want to consider enrolling in a local apprenticeship program for additional professional training. With 4-5 years of field experience and 3 letters of recommendation, graduates may qualify to take a contractor's licensure exam in their specialized area of expertise.

First Coast Technical College

In addition to in-class training, this school's carpentry program features hands-on skills development that can be useful for finding woodworking and building jobs. In 2010, this program had a job placement rate of 100%. Students can also seek cabinetmaking training at St. Johns Technical High School. St. Johns Technical High School is located on First Coast Technical College's main campus.

Carpentry Certificate

This program consists of 2 courses that last a total of 1,200 hours. Courses cover leadership skills, wood types, adhesive application, material measuring, cabinet installation, power tool use and furniture design. After graduating, students can become a registered member of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).

Withlacoochee Technical Institute

Withlacoochee Technical Institute's Carpentry Certificate program provides students with training that can lead to employment as carpentry helpers, trim and finish carpenters, rough carpenters and general carpenters.

Carpentry Certificate

On average, this program can be completed in about 1,200 hours. Students are trained in site preparation, project estimating and planning, frame and trim carpentry, blueprint reading and form construction. Specialty topics include kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, entrepreneurship, stairs construction, masonry, ceramic tile, remodeling and drywall. Program graduates qualify to earn industry certification through the NCCER.

Comparison of Schools

All of the profiled schools offering woodworking programs have small enrollment numbers and open admission policies. Their campus settings, tuition costs and other stats offer some areas of contrast among the institutions. Explore the school facts and figures in the following table.

Erwin Technical Center First Coast Technical College Withlacoochee Technical Institute
School Type 2-year; public Less-than-2-year; public 2-year; public
Total Enrollment (2011) 659* 399* 359*
Campus Setting Large city Small suburb Distant town
Tuition and Fees $3,236 for entire program (cost for 2013)** $4,055 for entire program (estimated cost for 2012-2013)*** Between $1,428.40 and $1,453.40 per session for in-state students; $5335 per session for out-of-state students (cost for 2010-2011)****
% of First-Year Students Receiving Any Form of Financial Aid (2011) 71%* 51%* 68%*
Acceptance Rate (2011) N/A - open admission N/A - open admission N/A - open admission
Retention Rate (2011) 89% for full-time students* 90% for full-time students* 70% for full-time students*
Graduation Rate (2011) 89%* 69%* 74%*

Sources: *National Center for Education Statistics, **Erwin Technical Center, ***First Coast Technical College, ****Withlacoochee Technical Institute.

Other Schools

Students living in Orlando can also find apprenticeship program options about 87 miles away in Tampa at Hillsborough Community College, roughly 90 miles away in Tampa at Learey Technical Center and 108 miles away in Palatka at Saint Johns River State College.

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