Woodworking Schools in Nashville, Tennessee with Degree Info

There are about three institutions within 80 miles of Nashville, Tennessee, that have woodworking training. Read an overview of their programs, requirements and course info to find out which option is the right one for you.

Nashville Woodworking Schools

Those who want to build or expand their woodworking skills can turn to three learning institutions in the Nashville area. Learn about the program offerings and requirements, and then review a table of school stats that cover details like cost, campus setting and more.

  • Located around 80 miles from central Nashville, Tennessee Technical University is the only school in the area that offers formal degrees in woodworking. Students can earn a certificate or bachelor's degree.
  • Those looking for classes closer to Nashville can take part in the Nashville Community Education program, which offers a woodworking course. The program does not offer degrees, and the courses are not offered for credit. The school is only about four miles from the city center.
  • Woodcraft, a retail store around 20 miles from downtown Nashville, presents demonstrations and classes in woodworking. The classes are not offered for credit.

Tennessee Technical University

The National Association of Schools of Art and Design and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredit the university's Bachelor of Fine Arts program. The university's Craft Center gives students access to hands-on workshops in various crafts including, clay, fibers, glass, wood and metals. There is also a campus gallery that regularly offers exhibitions featuring the works of area artists. In general, most of the core courses take place at the university's Appalachian Center for Craft. However, students can take some of the general education classes for the bachelor's degree program at the main Cookeville campus.

Certificate of Completion in Wood

Students earn 47 credits as part of the certificate program. They begin by taking foundation courses that cover drawing, art history and art design. From there, students can take concentrated classes in woodworking. The studio classes give them the opportunity to practice their craft skills through hands-on projects. The certificate program is meant for students who may not want a college degree in the woodworking field. Rather, they may be looking for professional training in woodworking and the option to take independent study courses.

Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Concentration in Wood

The bachelor's degree program gives students formal training in woodcraft. The program takes about four years to complete and combines general education courses with specialized classes in wood. Students can take classes in art history, crafts, painting and digital art. They enroll in studio classes where they learn how to make wood projects. A final part of the degree program requires students to complete a thesis in wood. There's also the opportunity for independent study, which gives students a way to explore their own interests in woodcraft.

Nashville Community Education

The city of Nashville's community education program is meant for students who want to further their professional and personal skills in various interest areas, like fitness, computers and art. Classes can help students develop hobbies while also giving them job training. Although courses aren't offered for credit, the community education program can give students a more affordable option for learning a skill. The instructors are trained in the classes they teach.

Woodworking Class

This class gives students an overview of woodcraft. The class generally lasts ten sessions and is taught during weekday evenings. Students will learn how to create a table from start to finish. As part of the project, they gain an understanding of how to use shop tools and equipment. The class also introduces students to finishing and wood joints.

Woodcraft Retail Store

The store offers weekend demonstrations for students who want to learn how to use various woodcraft techniques and equipment. All of the instructors are professional woodworkers who have experience in all aspects of woodcraft and carpentry. Some of the instructors specialize in furniture design while others focus on cabinetry and woodcarving. The retail store is open daily and also sells shop tools and supplies for woodcrafters.

Woodworking Courses

The store offers more than 30 classes in woodworking. A number of introductory courses give students a basic understanding of the woodworking process and the equipment used to design wood projects. There are also more advanced classes that focus on power tools, turning and woodworking fundamentals. All of the classes are hands-on, and students have the opportunity to create their own boxes, tables and other types of projects. In general, classes are offered on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Comparison of Schools

Compare factors like tuition, school type and more to find out which of the three profiled schools would offer the ideal learning environment for you.

Tennessee Technical University Nashville Community Education Woodcraft Retail Store
School Type 4-year; public City-sponsored program Private retail store
Total Enrollment (2011) 11,768* N/A N/A
Campus Setting Remote town N/A N/A
Tuition & Fees (2011-2012) $6,406 for in-state students; $20,038 for out-of-state students (undergraduate)* $85 plus course fees** $50-$150 per class***
% of First-Year Students Receiving Any Form of Financial Aid (2011) 97%* N/A N/A
Acceptance Rate (2011) 97%* N/A N/A
Retention Rate (2011) 73% for full-time students* N/A N/A
Graduation Rate (2011) 50%* N/A N/A

Source: *NCES College Navigator, **Tennessee Technical University, ***Nashville Community Education

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