Yamaha Mechanic Courses and Classes Overview

Few schools offer repair training specifically for Yamaha products, but students can train in small engine maintenance and repair programs. Courses include motorcycle electrical systems and engine repair, among others.

Essential Information

Yamaha Motor Corporation makes motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, boat engines and generators, to name a few of its products. Mechanics who work on Yamaha products take courses from technical colleges that offer motorcycle, watercraft and other small engine repair technology programs. Some programs offer a concentration in Yamaha-manufactured products.

Here are some common concepts taught in Yamaha mechanic courses:

  • Motorcycle components
  • Precision measurements
  • Small engine troubleshooting
  • Technical math
  • Shaft drive systems
  • Hazardous wastes

List of Yamaha Mechanic Classes

Motorcycle Electrical Systems Course

This course introduces aspiring mechanics to basic electrical theory and electrical systems, including ignition and battery systems, in motorcycles. Instruction covers how to read wiring diagrams and test electrical systems. Students learn to diagnose and repair electrical problems in many types of motorcycles, including electric motorcycles made by Yamaha.

Motorcycle Engine Repair Course

Aspiring motorcycle mechanics study the performance of 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycle engines before dissecting them into components for identification and examination. Students diagnose issues with the engines and learn to replace and repair faulty engine parts. This course is part of a motorcycle mechanic program and includes specific Yamaha 2-stroke engine repair instruction.

Clutches and Transmissions in Motorcycles Course

Transmission and clutch systems are unique to the motorcycle type and manufacturer. This course introduces motorcycle mechanic trainees to several manufacturer systems, including Yamaha, and how these systems work. Students remove clutches from motorcycles to inspect and repair them, consulting the manufacturer's manual to ensure proper reassembly. This course is completed near the end of a motorcycle mechanic program.

Outboard Motor Mechanic Course

Outboard motors are engines used in small watercraft, such as boats and jet skis. In this course, students review the types of engines used in watercraft, related terminology and basic marine engine operations. The course covers topics in maintenance, repair and the rebuilding of 2-stroke and 4-stroke marine engines made by Yamaha and other manufacturers. A course in outboard motors may be a stand-alone course or part of a motorsports mechanic certificate or 2-year degree program.

Maintaining and Repairing Snowmobiles Course

Yamaha makes a 4-stroke engine snowmobile as part of its motorsports line of products. This class prepares Yamaha mechanics to service the various parts of snowmobiles, including the engine (both liquid- and air-cooled), the track and the clutch. This course may be part of a recreational equipment degree or certificate program.

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