2H_2S + 3O_2 to 2H_2O +2SO_2. Given the balanced equation, if 4 moles of hydrogen sulfide react,...


{eq}\rm 2H_2S + 3O_2 \to 2H_2O +2SO_2 {/eq}.

Given the balanced equation, if {eq}4 {/eq} moles of hydrogen sulfide react, how many moles of oxygen consumed?

Balanced Chemical Reactions:

A balanced chemical reaction describes the changes in the substances upon a chemical process between them. The balanced chemical reaction has an equivalent number of elements on both sides of the reaction, which is done by multiplying the compounds involved in the reaction by a coefficient.

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Determine the number of moles of {eq}\displaystyle O_2 {/eq}, {eq}\displaystyle n_{O_2} {/eq}, consumed in the reaction by multiplying the moles of...

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