4w + 9 = 3\left(\frac{2}{3}w + 3\right) + 2w; (Hint: Distribute first)


{eq}4w + 9 = 3\left(\frac{2}{3}w + 3\right) + 2w {/eq}; (Hint: Distribute first)

Solving Algebraic Equations

If we have an equation consisting only of one variable, we can find the numerical value of that variable by solving for it. We can take advantage of the distributive property, combining like terms, and other properties of algebra to attempt to isolate the variable.

Answer and Explanation:

In order to solve this function for w, we need to first distribute the 3 across to both terms inside the parentheses.

{eq}4w + 9 = 3\cdot...

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