A 2.5 \ cm \times 2.5 \ cm \times 2.5 \ cm box with its edges aligned with the xyz-axes is in the...


A {eq}2.5 \ cm \times 2.5 \ cm \times 2.5 \ cm {/eq} box with its edges aligned with the {eq}xyz {/eq}-axes is in the electric field {eq}\vec e =(370x+120)\hat i \ N/C, {/eq} where {eq}x {/eq} is in meters. What is net electric flux through the box?

Electric Field:

In electrostatics, the term electric field can be defined as when a charged particle is placed electric field, it experiences a force in the direction of the electric field, or opposite to it depends upon the charge on the particle. The standard measurement unit for the electric field is in Newton per Columb.

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Given data:

  • The volume of the box is {eq}V = 2.5\,{\rm{cm}} \times 2.5\,{\rm{cm}} \times 2.5\,{\rm{cm}} {/eq}
  • The electric field is {eq}\vec e =...

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