A block of clay is suspended as part of a ballistic pendulum.You have a gun that uses compressed...


A) A block of clay is suspended as part of a ballistic pendulum.You have a gun that uses compressed air to fire a small 5.00 g ball into the clay.As you change the pressure of the air used to fire the ball, you can adjust the speed of the ball as it emerges from the gun.You fire the ball into the clay at a series of known speeds and measure the height to which the clay rises after the ball embeds within it. Your data is shown below:

Speed(m/s) Height(mm)
100 8.8
110 10.6
120 12.6
130 14.8
140 17.2
150 19.7

B) Using the "best-fit" line that you drew in Part A, determine the mass (kg) of the block of clay.Express your answer in kilograms to two significant figures.

Ballistic Pendulum.

It's a device that was used to measure the speed of a bullet before modern chronographs. However, this device is used today in physics laboratories all over the world since it is an excellent way to teach the conservation of the amount of movement along with the conservation of mechanical energy.

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References: Let's assume that the ball and the block are an isolated system. Be subscripts 1 for the ball and 2 for the block. The velocities before...

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