A ceramic insulator is baked at 500^ \circ C and cooled in a room where the temperature is...


A ceramic insulator is baked at {eq}500^ \circ C {/eq} and cooled in a room where the temperature is {eq}23^\circ C {/eq}. After 5 minutes, the temperature of the insulator is {eq}250^\circ C {/eq}. What is its temperature after 10 minutes?

Newton's Cooling Law

Newton's cooling law describes the change in temperature of an object as it is placed in an environment with different temperature. It is given by the exponential function of the form

{eq}T(t) =T_s + Ae^{-kt}. {/eq}

To solve this type of problem, we need to find the value of constants, A and k so that we can write the explicit exponential decay function.

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The exponential function that describes the temperature change in an object placed in an environment of different constant temperature is given by...

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