A comet (see figure below) approaches the Sun to within 0.570 \ AU, and its orbital periodis 90.6...


A comet (see figure below) approaches the Sun to within {eq}0.570 \ AU {/eq}, and its orbital periodis {eq}90.6 {/eq} years. ({eq}AU {/eq} is the symbol for astronomical unit, where {eq}1 \ AU = 1.50\times 10^{11} \ m {/eq} is the mean Earth Sun distance.) How far from the Sun will the comet travel before it starts its return journey?

Kepler's Third Law

Kepler's third law depicts the relation between the time period of the planet or a massive body orbiting around the sun and its distance from the sun. It tells that the square of the orbital time period of a planet of a body revolving around the sun is directly proportional to the cube of the semi-major axis of the orbit.

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Given data:

  • The orbital period of the comet is: {eq}T = 90.6\,{\rm{years}} {/eq}

Write the expression for the semi major axis of the elliptical...

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