a) List three reasons why the Carnot cycle is not a feasible (practical) model for steam power...


a) List three reasons why the {eq}Carnot\enspace cycle{/eq} is not a feasible (practical) model for steam power plants.

b) What is the effect of increasing the boiler pressure in a steam power plant (modeled as an ideal Rankine cycle with fixed condenser pressure and fixed turbine inlet temperature) on the

{eq}\enspace \enspace \enspace {/eq}(i) moisture content at turbine exit

{eq}\enspace \enspace \enspace {/eq}(ii) the heat rejected at the condenser,

{eq}\enspace \enspace \enspace {/eq}(iii) the cycle efficiency and

{eq}\enspace \enspace \enspace {/eq}(iv) the turbine work output (increases, decreases or stays the same)?

{eq}\underline{Hint}:{/eq} Do the analysis of the two ideal {eq}Rankine{/eq} cycles ("normal" and increase boiler pressure) using their corresponding {eq}T-s{/eq} diagrams.

Thermodynamics cycle

In this question, we have to justify and give the answer with valid reason. We have to list three reasons why the Carnot cycle is not feasible for a steam power plant with the help of graph. and in next how pressure in boiler effects moisture in the turbine, heat rejected etc.

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1). Isothermal heat transfer to or from a two-phase system is not difficult to achieve in practice since maintaining a constant pressure in the...

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