A piece of machinery weighing 4,800 lb (2.1352 x 10^4 N) is observed to deflect 1.2 in (0.0305...


A piece of machinery weighing 4,800 lb (2.1352 {eq}\times{/eq} 10{eq}^4{/eq} N) is observed to deflect 1.2 in (0.0305 m) when at rest. A harmonic excitation of 100 lb (444.8 N) amplitude induces resonance.

Design a vibration absorber undergoing a maximum deflection of 0.1 in (0.00254 m). What is the value of the mass ratio?

Vibration Absorber

The mechanical device which absorbs shocks and vibrations is called the Vibration absorber. Spring, rubber and damper etc are the best examples of the vibration absorber.

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Given Data

  • The weight of the machinery is: {eq}{W_m} = 4800\;{\rm{lb}} = 2.1352 \times {10^4}\;{\rm{N}} {/eq}.
  • The harmonic excitation of the...

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