A rectangular sheet of paper measures 2/3 ft by 1/5 ft. What is the area?


A rectangular sheet of paper measures {eq}\frac {2}{3} {/eq} ft by {eq}\frac {1}{5} {/eq}ft. What is the area?

Area of a Rectangle:

A rectangle is a quadrilateral that has right angles defined by two parallel longer sides called the length and the two other parallel sided called the width. The area of a rectangle, {eq}A_{\square} {/eq} is the product of the length and width.

Answer and Explanation:

The area of a rectangle, {eq}A_{\square} {/eq} is:

$$A_{\square} = l \times w $$

where {eq}l{/eq} is the length while {eq}w {/eq} is the width.

Substituting the dimensions given in the question:

$$\begin{align} A_{\square} &= \frac{2}{3} \times \frac{1}{5} \\[0.3cm] &= \frac{(2)(1)}{(3)(5)} \\[0.3cm] &=\frac{2}{15} \end{align} \\ $$

Thus, the area of the rectangular piece of paper with the dimensions of {eq}\displaystyle \frac {2}{3} \ \rm ft {/eq} by {eq}\displaystyle \frac {1}{5} \ \rm ft {/eq} is {eq}\displaystyle \rm \frac{2}{15} \ ft^{2} {/eq}.

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