A small hole in the wing of a space shuttle requires a 11.0 cm^2 patch. (a) What is the patch's...


A small hole in the wing of a space shuttle requires an {eq}11.0 cm^2 {/eq} patch.

(a) What is the patch's area in square kilometers {eq}(km^2) {/eq}?

(b) If the patching material costs NASA {eq}$2.03/in^2 {/eq}, what is the cost of the patch?

Unit Conversion:

Dimensional analysis is an extremely essential tool when solving unit conversion problems. The technique uses the relationship between various physical quantities through their base quantities. The given quantity or measurement is multiplied by a known ratio, called a conversion or unit factor, leading to a new quantity or unit. While dimensional analysis can be done in all conversions, it is especially useful when dealing with quantities that are very small or very large.

Answer and Explanation:

(a) The problem requires converting the given patch area in square centimeters {eq}\rm cm^2 {/eq} to square kilometers {eq}\rm km^2 {/eq}. To do...

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