A source delivers an AC voltage of the form \Deltav = 95.4 sin (60\pi t), where \Deltav is in...


A source delivers an AC voltage of the form {eq}\Delta {/eq}v = 95.4 sin (60{eq}\pi {/eq} t), where{eq}\Delta {/eq}v is in volts and t is in seconds, to a capacitor. The maximum current in the circuit is 0.460 A.

(a) Find the rms voltage of the source. V

(b) Find the frequency of the source. Hz

(c) Find the value of the capacitance. F


Frequency, as its name would suggest, is simply the number of times that the waveform completes a full cycle over a period of time. In electrical circuits, we express it in Hertz, which is simply equal to per second. It can be calculated by getting the reciprocal of the period, which is the time it takes for a waveform to complete 1 cycle.

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{eq}v = 95.4 \sin 60 \pi t \ V \\ I_m = 0.46 \ A {/eq}

Find the following

(a) the RMS voltage of the source

Since v in the time domain...

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