A spring 23.1 c m long is stretched to 25 c m by a load of 48 N . What will be its...


A spring {eq}23.1 \ cm {/eq} long is stretched to {eq}25 \ cm {/eq} by a load of {eq}48 \ N {/eq}. What will be its length when stretched by {eq}85 \ N {/eq} assuming that the elastic limit is not reached?


Spring is defined as a device that is used to absorb energy. It is a coiled wire which is used to store energy in the form of compression, or tension. It is broadly used, such as in watch, toys, guns and many more. Its load-bearing capacity depends on the stiffness.

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Given data:

  • The length of the spring is {eq}{L_i} = 23.1\;{\rm{cm}} {/eq}
  • The stretched length of the spring is {eq}{L_f} = 25\;{\rm{cm}} {/eq}
  • The...

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