A spring balance has a scale that reads from 0 to 50\ \mathrm{kg}.The length of the scale is 20\...


A spring balance has a scale that reads from {eq}0 {/eq} to {eq}50\ \mathrm{kg} {/eq}.The length of the scale is {eq}20\ \mathrm{cm} {/eq}. A body suspended from this balance,when displaced & released, oscillates with period of {eq}0.6\ \mathrm{s} {/eq}. What is the weight of the body?

Spring-mass System:

Spring is a flexible component that shrinks for the compressive load and is stretched for the tensile load. The extent to which an elongation or contraction occurs in the spring is proportional to the force responsible for the deformation. When the mass attached to the spring becomes oscillating up and down, the period of motion of the mass corresponds to the mass and spring constant.

Answer and Explanation:

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Given data:

  • {eq}M=\rm 50 \ kg {/eq} is the maximum scale reading
  • {eq}x=\rm 20 \ cm=0.2 \ m {/eq} is the maximum deformation of the spring
  • {eq}k ...

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