A spring with an m kg mass and a damping constant 2 kg/s can be held stretched 2 m beyond its...


A spring with an {eq}m \ kg {/eq} mass and a damping constant {eq}2 \ kg/s {/eq} can be held stretched {eq}2 \ m {/eq} beyond its natural length by a force of {eq}4 \ N {/eq}. If the spring is stretched {eq}4 \ m {/eq} beyond its natural length and then released with {eq}zero {/eq} velocity, find the mass that would produce critical damping.


When spring is subjected to vibrations, the process of reducing the vibrations is called damping. A spring-mass system is categorized into three categories

1) Under Damped System

2) Critical Damped System

3) Over Damped System

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Given Data:

  • Damping constant {eq}C=2\ \text{kg/s} {/eq}
  • Stretched length of the spring beyond its natural length {eq}x=2.0\ \text{m} {/eq}
  • Force...

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